Artistic Collaborator Shares Thoughts on RCP Process…

Discovering new depth in our collective movement language, creative exploration of source-material, and building trust, has garnered a willingness to explore all areas of awkward and uncomfortable with courage and imagination. Andrew Ritfeld is an expert in the field of the experience of being Andrew Ritfeld. Here, he describes his unique connection to the Race… Continue Reading

Farewell . . . No fair!

We say “Until next time” to Chelsea Gregory, a force who has guided us and given us wings. We are now a flock of social artists ready to break out of the perimeter into unknown territory – equipped with tools to construct innovative, depthful performance interventions. We send her love and support as she moves… Continue Reading

Ensemble Building and Exploration

Artistic/cultural literacy consultant Chelsea Gregory guides the Race Circus Project team as we build trust and a common language… Through physical creative explorations we learn about each other. As we are the culmination of our experiences, our movement styles reflect our life paths. We try out each others’ movements to see what it’s like in another… Continue Reading

Artistry and cultural literacy advisor Chelsea Gregory is blowing our collective mind, body and soul!

Our first artistic and cultural literacy advisor to the Race Circus Project, Chelsea Gregory, has joined us for four intensive sessions to help us develop and practice a community engaged circus methodology that is steeped in the wisdom of our forerunners in the field of performance arts for social change. Yeeeeehaw!!!! 😀 Chelsea Gregory is… Continue Reading