Get Involved

MakeShift Could Never Happen if it weren’t for you.

know that every contribution to our organization is greatly appreciated and your assistance is deeply important to a small group like ours.


two hands, one reaching out to the right as the other grips their wrist.

We are so grateful to our supporters, our work would be truly impossible without them. The name MakeShift was born not only because of our desire to make efforts that shift our society in a healthier direction but also because we are committed to creating magic with the resources that we can access now. We will not wait for anything before we contribute to social transformation. The base of our work is our community of generous and passionate contributors who believe in this work, each and every contribution makes a huge difference to us. So whether you are looking for a one-time or on-going volunteer opportunity, we are always welcoming and grateful to people interested in our work and open to jumping in!

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