So many communities are on fire due to the present political climate.
For veterans of social justice work and for those who live everyday marginalized by the issues that our work deals with, we strive to physicalize these issues in a fresh way offering new insights.   We seek to mobilize in support of the important work that is being done in communities most affected by these issues.  We strive to make our artistic work increasingly relevant and useful to the direct work that is being done.  
Some of us are ready to make shifts but don’t know where to start. We hope to be an inroad to those who are looking to get involved. We strive to create work that breeds awareness and active engagement.
MakeShift Circus Collective is an ever transforming gathering of diverse performance artists who come together to create socially engaged art.  We began our journey in 2013 with the Homage and Gratitude Show created to honor the fore-persons of social circus who paved the way for us to walk. Here are a few of our sources of inspiration: Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha, Arena y Esteras, Machincuepa, Cirque du Monde, Circus Arts Institute, and Steve Seaberg to name a few.  Our projects have been funded by the New York based AJ Muste Social Justice Fund, the Community Foundation of Atlanta, and the many individuals who have shared their hard earned money and resources with us.  We have shared our work at Clarkston Community Center, Eyedrum, the Alliance Theater, Elevate (City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs public arts festival), GA Tech, Cultivating Cultures, D’AIR, and in our backyard.
Thank you so much for your interest!
For more information, please contact us!


  1. Well, I am just pleased as punch to be invited into your social circus world. And, eagerly await your workshops, adventures, collectives & such!

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