In honor of Jacosa: The Gender Project

We are deeply honored to announce that we have received support from an anonymous funder to carry out Jacosa’s vision of the next MakeShift project.


Her desire was to create a circus show that explores gender.  We have a few clues as to how she wanted to carry this out: 1. She wanted to do interviews. 2. She wanted the project to have different work groups so that various collaborators could engage in different parts of the process. And 3. She wanted it to be full of fun and play.  We will do our best to carry out this vision with so much love and gratitude.

We can’t express what it means to be supported in honoring Jacosa in this way. Her vision of exploring gender through circus couldn’t be more relevant. So we thank you, wherever and whoever you are, at this time when our hearts are so in need, you gave us fresh breathe and new wings.





dear jacosa

On November 24, 2016, our dear Jacosa, founding member of MakeShift, left this earth.  She was a sister, best friend, source of joy and laughter, adventurer, agitator, sleeper, debater, dictionary, snuggler, lover, and creative bombshell.  As is generally the case when someone leaves us all of the sudden, we can’t believe we are writing this and much less do we know what to write.  So we’ll just write a letter to her…

Dear Jay-Bay, Cosa, Cosi, Jacuzzi, Cajosa, Jaybird, Jay, (help me out ya’ll we know there’s more),

Your death has shown us even more of you then we had ever imagined.  People believed that one could be happy and bad@##-y all the time because of you. You brought joy and awe into so many lives.  You touched and inspired so so so many people.

Your creative spirit, challenged us. You are the most beautiful coming together of darkness and innocence that we will ever see.  Thank you for inviting us to follow our art.  In your death we promise we will never loose it and we will carry you with us as our muse.  Rebellious, unique, quirkilly obsessed with the odd details, full of heart, Jacosa, whose name means laughter, and whose laughter echos through the chambers of our minds and hearts. We will never be without it.

We will love you always.

Our dear friend from CineBot Video made this incredibly beautiful montage that we would love to share…

<p><a href=”″>Jacosa Nao Kato: A Tribute</a> from <a href=””>CineBot Video</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


White Voices Video Clip

Still hard at work on the documentary with CineBot

Here’s a bit more to chew on in the meantime…

<p><a href=”″>MakeShift Circus Collective Presents: Race Circus Project-White Voices</a> from <a href=””>CineBot Video</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

My Body My Choice


It was so wonderful to be asked to be a part of All Access Atlanta called together our community in celebration of Reproductive Justice.  Check out the handmade costume!

“With an anchor event in Cleveland and 30+ events being hosted across the country, All Access: Atlanta will bring together people of all ages, ethnicities, racial and gender identities to expand our access to abortion and celebrate our collective power. We can’t exercise our right to abortion if we don’t have access to it, and the right to a safe and legal abortion should be a right for all, not just some.

Since the 2010 midterm election, states have quietly passed more than 334 individual restrictions to block women from accessing abortion. That’s why supporters of abortion access are stepping up to take action and demand an end to political interference in our healthcare decisions. We are the majority and we will be heard.”


Documentary Under Way

Greetings! Currently, we are so fortunate to be working on a video documentary of the 2016 performance season of Race Circus Project with Alison Daye of Cinebot Video.  The film produced will allow us to continue to invite our community into space for dialogue and transformation.


The Race Circus Project. Sneak Peek! from Cinebot Video on Vimeo.


Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who made the Race Circus Project May -June 2016 Performance and Dialogue season possible. We are honored by your contributions!!!

RCP- Thank you

Pictures from 2016 Performance Season

WRFG Interview!

We were so honored to be a guest in the radio show the Press KIT with Inga Oh & Co and Savvy Life Tip to talk about the Race Circus Project!

D’AIR to Dialogue?

RCP-DAIR breaking through the wall

Our final show was so inspiring. It was our biggest crowd yet! At the end when individuals were invited to stand up and share with the whole group, one gentleman said, “We shouldn’t be thinking about integration, we should be thinking about equity.” Amen.  This is the end of this performance season but our work has only just begun.

Thank you so much to Nicole Mermans of the D’air Project for generously donating the venue and being with us all day in preparation. Your work in the community is inspiring!


Cultivating Dialogue at Cultivating Cultures


Thank you so much to Cultivating Cultures for being one of our hosts! Toni Williams generously donated the use of Event Space 115 and also shared some really important tips during the promotions process. Thank you Toni!!