Homage and Gratitude Show

February 2, 2014 (Super Bowl Sunday), MakeShift Circus Collective welcomed an audience to our first show: Super Big Bowl of Free Circus. We saw this debut as the birth of our collective, and wanted to create an event that showed our profound love and respect for those who brought social circus to our lives, as well as introducing ourselves to the current circus, artistic, and social justice communities in Atlanta. Conceived and created over the course of three months, the show centered on each of the four ensemble members examining their circus roots and developing performances that honored their journey. By creating interactive playful acts, designing an informal environment, sharing this show free of charge, and specifically inviting other performers, artists and social workers, we hoped to foster a sense of solidarity in our field often faced with competition. Some acts were nods to specific influential elders, while others focused on expressing the questions, themes and positive outcomes that led us to finding a home in social circus; but all were offered in the spirit of celebrating heart-centered exploration for social transformation.


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