Race Circus Project Film Series and Workshops

The Race Circus Project Film Series, created by Alison Daye of CineBot Video, explores the question, 50 years after desegregation of the U.S. on the federal level, are we now integrated? How does race continue to affect our lives?  The film is based on the Race Circus Project and is designed to be a tool that can be used to invite communities into spaces for dialogue and transformation around race.  The series features real Atlanta residents telling their stories and experiences about race while diverse performers bring them to life through trapeze, silks, partner balancing, juggling, contemporary clown and dance.  Race Circus Project Film Series workshop participants are guided through the process of viewing the films and are invited into facilitated dialogue about race.  Workshops can also include live circus performances, circus instruction, and act creation as a form of processing, exploration, and artistic expression based on the themes that each group explores.  Workshops are designed on a case by case basis to meet the interests and needs of any group or organization.  Please contact info@makeshiftcircus.org if you’re interested in screening the film or having a workshop.



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