Race Circus Project Update

For an overview of this project, please see the current projects tab at the top of the page.

Most of our friends and family… and coworkers and collegues and acquaintances and instagram followers and even complete strangers 🙂 have heard us talk about the Race Circus Project, and now it’s time to get our people together! Last Friday we met with our wonderful team of dialogue facilitators to finalize questions and plan for our public discussion groups. Then on Sunday we had the first one!!

Let’s break it down:

5 Weeks of Dialogue sessions centered on collecting stories from across Atlanta about the state of integration in our city and public schools.

6 Circus Artists (That’s us! Yeah!)

7 Facilitators (That’s the great, intelligent, activist-minded and academic bunch I mentioned earlier!)

And last but not least, the generous and engaged people who come to share their stories with us!

From these stories we hope to create a meaningful portrait of Atlanta 50 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Come join our dialogues!

Email us at: info@makeshiftcircus.org

Thank you to our wonderful Facilitators! Check them out!




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