A Wish Granted . . .

We are so proud, excited, and humbled to announce that the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute has awarded the MakeShift Circus Collective with a grant from its Social Justice Fund!!


The Muste Institute is New York-based and dedicated to non-violent activism for social justice.  The much appreciated grant money has been provided by the institute for MakeShift’s Race Circus Project initiative.  MakeShift will be using the money to fund the project’s directives, buy supplies, costumes, etc.  This grant money will help us realize the full development of a Circus Arts show based on Atlanta race relations; race relations which we are investigating through the first-hand experiences gathered in dialogue sessions for the Race Circus.


This is an exciting process which we must thank all of the Race Dialogue participants, as well as the Facilitators.  Thank you, Freeside for providing the space for the dialogue sessions and being all-around awesome.  Thank you, Clarkston Community Center for being our fiscal sponsor to even receive the grant!!


Thank you A.J. Muste!




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