The Thrilling Momentum of Rich and Rewarding Opportunities

We are ALL CAPS EXCITED to share our collective feelings of triumph for MakeShift’s first commissioned performance work!  The piece was first showcased at City Hall of Atlanta, then in the high-foot traffic public setting of Broad Street.


Both the City Hall and Broad St. performances were in conjunction with Elevate, “A project of the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs“.   Makeshift took this amazing opportunity of a city-sanctioned event to use circus artistry to delve into the theme of “isolation”.   Our vision was to explore the common experience of isolation in highly populated urban areas.

We received enthusiastic responses to our performances!  This garnered many new passionate conversations of the future and some likes for our Facebook.  Ooooh, shiny!

This cooperative winds of this project, along with the fiscal support of A.J. Muste, and the completion of the Race Circus Project Dialogue Sessions (soon to be our major project performance on race relations in Atlanta), are filling our sails and our hearts.  AND  . . . Hello? We got to perform at . . . CITY HALL!  That’s the kind of legit that makes a blog post have a lot of exclamation points!!!!!

We owe these deep feelings of satisfaction (and the fire lit in our bellies to live up to it), to the great team of contacts with City of Atlanta, and Elevate – Pul-ease, check out their beautiful website – . . .  and YOU, the citizens of Atlanta.  Thank you for showing the love!  Talk soon. 🙂


We explore the different connections . . .


. . and barriers . . .


. . that are used as tools . .


. . to help us navigate relationships . . .


. . in our sometimes busy city lives.


Makeshift Facebook

City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs / Elevate Official Website

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