In honor of Jacosa: The Gender Project

We are deeply honored to announce that we have received support from an anonymous funder to carry out Jacosa’s vision of the next MakeShift project.


Her desire was to create a circus show that explores gender.  We have a few clues as to how she wanted to carry this out: 1. She wanted to do interviews. 2. She wanted the project to have different work groups so that various collaborators could engage in different parts of the process. And 3. She wanted it to be full of fun and play.  We will do our best to carry out this vision with so much love and gratitude.

We can’t express what it means to be supported in honoring Jacosa in this way. Her vision of exploring gender through circus couldn’t be more relevant. So we thank you, wherever and whoever you are, at this time when our hearts are so in need, you gave us fresh breathe and new wings.





3 responses to “In honor of Jacosa: The Gender Project”

  1. I would love to help in any way I can!

    1. Thank you Greg! We would love to have your help. I will email you. Thank you!

  2. […] year ago today, Jacosa passed.  We have been working rigorously toward her vision of a circus show about gender. Today we would like to introduce the Gender Booth, an interactive platform where we will post […]

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