SPECTRUM: the Gender Project SHOW INFO

PG-13 may be advisable and all are welcome. Please expect to see the real pain and struggles as well as joy and strategies that our communities members live through around gender.

JUNE 1, Saturday, the Bakery, 6-8:30pm, This first show will be the uncensored version and will contain graphic language.


JUNE 2, Sunday, the Bakery, 2-4:30, Universal Audiences


JUNE 8, Saturday, the Fringe Festival, Springvale Stage, 8-10:30pm, Universal Audiences


JUNE 15, Saturday, Underground Atlanta, 4-6:30pm, Universal Audiences


JUNE 16, Sunday, Charis Books, Location TBA, 4-6:30pm, What a great way to spend Father’s Day! Universal Audiences


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