At Eyedrum!


What a beautiful space, right in the middle of the buildings of downtown Atlanta.  What a perfect place to talk about race.



RCP at Clarkston Community Center





Goin’ Strong


Just had our debut and it was magical ya’ll. Looking forward to the coming month of boxes, strangers, and dialogue!


The time has come ya’ll, our performance season is almost here!! Here are the dates, times, and locations!


Sunday May 15th, 4-6pm, Ben Hill Neighborhood (very limited parking, please carpool)

Tuesday May 17th, 5-7pm at Clarkston Community Center

Saturday May 21st, 6:30-8:30pm at Eyedrum

Saturday May 28th, 1-3pm at the Event Space 115

Sunday June 19th, 5-7pm at D’AIR

Powerful Pictures from MLK Day

These pictures were taken by an audience participant at our MLK Day showing of an excerpt of the Race Circus Project.  What a magical day.



Hiron’s in the Driver Seat

This Sunday, we had our second and final recording session donated by the super generous folks of 800 East Studios! Check this beautiful space out :

And the most amazing thing was… Hiron ran all of the equipment on his own!


It was a special and fun experience for us all, thank you so much 800 East and Ken Gregory!


150 Strangers Enter into Race Dialogue!

What an amazing experience, we are so grateful to all of the forces that made the MLK Day performance and dialogue happen at Clarkston Community Center!! Check it out, it was a packed house!:


Free Show Coming Up!

Hello everyone! We are thrilled to announce that on January 18th as part of a larger celebration of Martin Luther King, we will be sharing a 25 minute excerpt of the Race Circus Project. The presentation will lead into dialogue co-facilitated by a team of students from Agnes Scott, GSU-PC, and Clarkston Community Center staff and coordinated by McKenzie Wren.  Check out her awesome work!!about-mckenzie/cktc .

Please join us from 10:30 to 12:00 at 3701 College Ave. Clarkston, Georgia 30021!!!!


Amplified Voices

The script, made completely from the quotes of dialogue session participants, is over half way finished!!!

This month, we had the incredible opportunity to invite dialogue session participants and community members in to record at 800 East Studios.  We are so so SO grateful to 800 East for donating two recording sessions so that the stories and experiences that we have collected can be crystal clear.  It was so fun and exciting!  THANK YOU 800 EAST!!

Check out their awesome studio:

And some pics:

Knitting the Script…

We are coming out of a week-long intensive with the Race Circus Project and feeling super inspired as the show begins to take shape! We are weaving together stories and experiences shared in the dialogue sessions and learning so much about ourselves, each other, and our community as we go…

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